Bigotry, Ignorance and Economic Oppression

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Our Governments are the biggest bunch of Cons ever!!

They conned us into believing that just by legislating against certain hate crimes, you get rid of them!!!

Legislations have simply driven these Bigots and Haters underground and made life even more intolerable for the so called Minorities.

My opinion is that Britain has become even more bigoted and ignorant.

Did the “apparent majority” not stop to analyse our biological make up?

Are we not made of the same stuff? Blacks may have more pronounced Melanin but does that make us a different species?

The word RACISM is such a con!

We are the same SPECIES, ONE HUMAN RACE under God.

Our main priority is to Love the Lord our God, with all our strength and might and, Love our neighbour as ourselves!! That is the whole of the Law.

God has given us free will, legislation should protect that FREE WILL!

You, my Ignorant, Bigoted comrade, will you reject my blood if it will save you? What happens when you check your DNA and ancestry and find that you are as BLACK or BROWN as me!

Just because you are a different colour to me, you think you are more superior yet YOU will desire to receive my organs after I die, in order to stay alive.

You VIOLENT YOUNG PERSON with seemingly no conscience, why do you think your life is worth more than the other young person? When you are encouraged to kill your “BRUV” do you not know that your life is marked and you have invited the same treatment?

Why YOUNG PERSON do you allow the perpetuation of derogatory treatment and remarks against your generation.


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