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Tiya Magazine bring exclusive breaking news and in-depth celebrity coverage, nollywood films, livestreams, TV shows, lifestyle trends and tips, and what’s viral now, has success all over various countries. We are of a great service to you. 

Our passion is to capture the amazing and beautiful aspect of lifestyle, wedding, moment or people in such a way that you will be amazed by the end result! We love light, quality and our photo’s are fresh, light and full color. TIYA MAGAZINE.


Welcome to tiyamagazine.com, one of the fast growing magazines and new-letters on the Internet, Tiyamagazine.com is a complete guide to world media sources where readers find stories quickly — whether it’s news from Time Magazine or a small regional weekly newspaper in Africa and UK. Visitors can read their favourite news sources online or take advantage of our subscription offers, which lets them subscribe to a magazine or an entertainments. We hope you find just what you’re looking for and more. We welcome your questions and comments – e-mail us at tiyabosola@gmail.com.

UK Today

“Turn your desktop into a newsstand, courtesy of the aptly named Tiyamagazine.com. A portal to magazines and social-cultural lifestyle from around the world. With featured links and lists of top publications.”

“It may be true that the Web is much more money-hungry than it once was, but excellent sites like this one remind you that much of the best web content is still offered to you without asking you to dig into your pocket.”

Taiwo Odebode


I’m the founder of Tiya Magazine, the Magazine explores the world of beauty, fashion, wellbeing and other facets of social life. I am member of the Nollywood UK, and currently the Welfare Officer of the Actors Guild UK/Nigeria.

Oyakes Peter


I am a web-designer and a blogger, from all of my various achievement Tiya Magazine has been my one favourite magazine that expires me the most. It’s one of those making things happen in the UK’s black community’s movie industry.

Alayo Ayobamialayo


I am a photographer, various fashion and social-cultural photos I have taken, Tiya Magazine is a great News-let that reveals inner beauty.


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